Implementation Services

Implementing a successful management system in alignment to the relevant Audit Standards requires a good plan.

At 4PA we follow the time tested Process based Approach for implementing the specifications and requirements of the Standards.

We deliver the goals through our baseline assessment combined with the specific action plan to add/modify the processes required in order to meet the standard. We ensure that we determine the best ways to add the needed components. At every stage we ensure that the employees the management are Involved to reach the Organization/ Department goals. We create a Steering committee, comprising of key members for of the execution of the project. Our project plan contains regular training programs to ensure that the milestones are achieved, within the costs.

We ensure that the Internal Audits/Reviews and Management Reviews are conducted as per the requirements of the Standards. We support the organization or the departments (under the scope of Audit) to ensure the practice of the standards, create adequate documentations & records (3 to 6 months) and register with the certification body, before the certification Audit.

In case of Scope for Improvements and Non -Compliances, we do help in the “closure :

The teams document the new process, and develop required records, forms, and work instructions.
The teams train staff members on how the new process works.
When the new processes are complete, Internal Audits and Management Review meetings begin.
The system is used for 3 to 6 months before your registration audit.
At least one cycle of internal audits and management reviews are completed.
Now it’s time for registration!

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