Financial Modelling

Financial modeling is art of creating an abstract representation of real world financial situations. These models designed to represent the performance of a financial assets or portfolio or processes of A business, A project, or other investment vehicles. Financial modelling is the process by which organizations construct financial representations of some, or all, aspects of the organization or the relevant asset. The models are usually characterized by performing calculations and making recommendations based information.

This course is designed for Financial Analysts, Finance Managers, Valuation Professionals, Startup promoters/ investors. Investment Professionals, Mergers & Acquisitions Specialists, Finance Controllers , CFOs, Bankers and Loan Sharks & Managers at Financial Institutions.


After completing this course, you will be able to learn :

  1.   Financial models can help evaluate the financial of risks associated and take decisions. They can be utilized to devise an effective financial statements reflecting     the finances and operations of company
  2.   Help plan, design and create models specifically suited to your environment, to be able to present results to management to support informed decisions
  3.   Create flexible, reliable and robust financial models that can incorporate organizations’ own needs over time. Monitor and understand how to quickly detect   errors in the models and correct them without adverse effects
  4.   Financial Modeling is the key to business decision-making. The models allow organizations and industries to explore outcomes under different scenarios



Basic knowledge of advanced excel is recommended


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