Cloud Computing and AWS Essentials

Cloud computing is a comprehensive solution that delivers IT as a service. It is an Internet-based computing solution where shared resources are provided like electricity distributed on the electrical grid. Computers in the cloud are configured to work together and the various applications use the collective computing power as if they are running on a single system.

The ingeniously designed cloud computing training offering from 4P Advisory Services, brings the best if their consulting capabilities with the excellent back-end partnership with such greats as APMG®, Amazon®, AXELOS®, ISACA® and Peoplecert®.

The program is divided into two distinct parts.

On the first day, we will cover the basics of cloud computing and ensure that the candidates gain enough confidence to discuss the benefits, risks and technologies of cloud. This day will also prepare them to appear (optionally) for the APMG cloud computing fundamentals certification.

On the second day, we will cover the public cloud side of cloud computing and ensure that the candidates gain enough confidence to discuss the benefits, risks and technologies of the AWS cloud and the services offered. This day will prepare them to appear (optionally) for the AWS Cloud Practitioner Exam!

Remember 4P also provides you the unique opportunity of attending any one of the days or on both days. In case you find yourself knowledgeable of the day 1 contents, we will gladly accommodate (subject to have cleared the APMG® exam) you directly for day 2.

For Whom
“IT Professionals working in the software industry who wants to formally get the fundamental understanding of cloud computing technologiesSoftware developers who want to understand cloud technologies for developing cloud applications in the future (Level II) Startups that want to build their IT infrastructure in the cloud at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods IT managers who want to reduce the infrastructure management cost by moving to cloud System Administrators who want to be able to manage infrastructure on cloud Students who wish to make their resume more attractive to prospective employers”

Cloud Computing candidates will receive a thorough grounding in cloud computing, understanding its characteristics, key benefits, common security and technical challenges and how to address them, as well as all the delivery models – private, public, and hybrid. Candidates will also learn how to effectively implement a cloud action plan that ensures organization acceptance and success for cloud computing initiatives

Basic IT knowledge. Prefrered:  Some IT industry work experience

Introduction Video

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